Display Locked/Posted Message Block

Time - Posting Time

Timeslips can be 'posted', meaning they are no longer editable by any user. Posted timeslips can be viewed, but display a message explaining that they cannot be edited.

A user's role needs the "Manage Time" permission to post timeslips using the "Non-Posted Time" link on the Admin page. 

This permission does not override the locked state of posted timeslips; no user, including site administrators, can edit a posted timeslip.

Legacy static timeslips are automatically locked when posted. Static posted timeslips still display an Edit button, but will display "This timekeeping entry is locked, and cannot be edited." when you click it.

Sites using dynamic timeslip forms must include the Display Locked/Posted Message block on each dynamic form for the lock to be enforced.

Sites using Electronic Verification of Timeor Advanced Grants Management do not need this feature and should not attempt to post timeslips using this feature.

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