Okta Single Sign On (SSO)

Purpose: Allow single sign on to LegalServer via an agency's Okta subscription.

Cost: $900.00 one-time setup fee. SSO with Okta requires an Okta subscription for your agency, which you purchase separately.

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Okta supports OpenID Connect, which it calls "the most modern way to federate web apps, native apps, and single-page apps."

Choose the OpenID Connect protocol when setting up your LegalServer connection in Okta.

The redirect URL you will need for Okta configuration is:  https://aws-auth.legalserver.org/sso

Get your client secret and Client ID from Okta.

The Authentication URL Parameter you'll enter into LegalServer will likely be your_site_abbreviation.okta.com. So if your LegalServer URL is abc.legalserver.org, abc.okta.com.

The initial shortcut sign-in URL will be: https://your_site_abbreviation.legalserver.org/modules/user/openidc_sso.php?openidc_return_url=%2F

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