Reports - Adverse Parties

Case Data > Adverse Party Summary

NB: This is no longer a subtable in reports, but a field directly on the Case Data subtable. If you have a report that uses the subtable, delete it, and then grab this field.

Puts all the adverse parties on a case into one 'cell' so the case is one row per case (unless other tables make it otherwise).

If you filter on this field, consider changing the filter from the default "Is in the comma separated list" to "Contains", and change the filter label to something like "Adverse Party Summary (contains the text)". This allows user friendly filtering for text like "bank" when people run the report.

Case Data > Adverse Party Summary with Address

Same as the above table, with, no surprise, addresses.

Case Data > Adverse Parties (one row per party)

This subtable provides access to detail on individual and organization adverse parties, including AP Notes, AP Alerts, Business Type, Relationship, etc. Note: This subtable does not provide a field to report on common adverse party names.

Case Data > Common Parties (one row per case)

This subtable provides a single "Party" field, which is the Common Adverse Party name. The filter on this field is a lookup-style filter, listing all common adverse parties.

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