Reports - Assignments

Case Data > Primary Assignment
This table contains the fields for the current advocate (Caseworker Name), program (Program Name), and office (Office Name) a case is assigned to.

Case Data > Current Assignments > Assignment List
A concatenated list of the names of everyone currently assigned to the case in one cell. The type of assignment is indicated in parentheses after each name. Example: "Bob Staff (Primary), Jane Volunteer (Pro Bono)".

Case Data > Current Probono Assignment
This table contains several fields related to pro bono advocates currently assigned to the case, including "Full Name, Last Name First (filterable)".

Despite the singular "Assignment" in the name, it returns one row for each current pro bono assignment.

Case Data > Additional Assignments (One Row Per Assignment)
As the name indicates, using fields on this table can return multiple rows per case. Despite the "Additional" label, this table includes all assignment types, including primary assignments.

Frequently used fields from this subtable include Assignment Type > Assignment Type, and Assigned To > Person > Full Name (Last, First) to get the name of the person assigned.

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