Reports - Clickable Case Number Links in Excel Exports

The Matter/Case ID# column in reports displays a nicely clickable link to each case. But if you export the report to Excel, the underlying URL doesn't come along.

There is a new (as of Oct 2023) "Allow Hyperlinks in Excel Export (Report and Listviews)" setting on the Admin > Site Settings page. Flip that to "Yes" if you want case numbers and client names to be clickable links in Excel.

If the setting doesn't do what you want, or you otherwise need a manual solution, there are various options for this. Here is one that was posted to the Siteadmins mailing list:

Add the case's Database ID to your report, in addition to the case number, preferably as the final column.

In Excel, in the column immediately to the right of the database ID, enter this formula, replacing the URL and cell column/row with your own info:

=HYPERLINK(CONCAT("case profile url minus the last digits",DATABASEID1))

as an example, it would look like this: 


Then extend the formula through the remaining rows of the column.

Thanks to SV at LAFLA for this contribution.

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