Immigration Forms Module

Purpose: The Immigration Forms module allows agencies to complete specific forms published by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). The list of available forms is limited to immigration clients served by nonprofit agencies and therefore does not include business-related immigration such as H1B Visas, etc. For more information on using this module, please see our Generating and Saving Immigration Forms help page and our Immigration Tools playlist on YouTube.

Cost: $2,500 one time setup fee and $50/month additional maintenance fee. To request this module, file a ticket from your site (Help menu > Support Request). We will then send a change order for approval, followed by an invoice. This module can typically be enabled on a site within 3 weeks of receiving payment.

The setup fee includes one hour of forms training for staff. Organizations may optionally buy 2 hours of support time at our standard hourly rate to help with setting up process(es) and form(s) to collect immigration-specific information.

Examples of available forms:

I-360 Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant

I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

I-765 Application for Employment Authorization

I-914 Application for T Nonimmigrant Status

N-400 Application for Naturalization

Case Information Used To Auto-populate Forms

The Immigration Forms Module is designed to pull in basic client information (name, date of birth, contact information, etc.), as well as limited immigration-specific information such as immigration entries, work history, marital histories, etc. that an advocate has collected at intake or through auxiliary forms and processes. Once the form is created, users will have the opportunity to edit pre-filled information and/or add additional information that could not be directly mapped from LegalServer. Immigration forms in LegalSever are standardized and distributed to all Immigration Forms Module subscribers. Due to this standardization and Adobe licensing restrictions, the forms pull information from universal system fields in LegalServer and cannot pull information in from site-specific fields that an agency creates.

Form Updates (by LegalServer Staff)

We maintain a list of immigration forms that our clients have indicated are "High Priority" and we regularly update those forms when new editions become available. When we receive notice that USCIS has updated one of its forms, we first process and map that form on our base site, and then push out that updated form to all demo and live sites using the Immigration Forms Module. The list of available forms is not exhaustive - please reach out to with form addition requests. New editions of forms are generally available to all sites before previous editions become outdated, though a large number of updated forms may take several development cycles to process. Please note that field mappings are set by LegalServer staff and site admins cannot customize them; other than marking a given form as "Active" or "Inactive" on a site, LegalServer does not support agency-specific customizations of immigration forms.

Site Admin Maintenance

When new editions of a form are pushed out to sites, we note that in the weekly Release Notes. It is up to a site admin to inactive earlier editions of forms, when desired, on the Admin > Immigration Documents page.

Admin Setup: Immigration Documents Auxiliary Process

All active immigration forms from our base site will be added to an agency's site when the module is activated. Admins must inactivate any forms that are not relevant through Admin > Immigration Documents. To inactivate a form, simply click the pencil icon in the list view, select Active = No and continue to save your change.

Administrators must also create an auxiliary form to download immigration forms on cases. The form should include the "Immigration Documents List" list view, which displays a list of active immigration forms. Admins may also want to include the "Immigration Document Processes" list view to display any immigration form processes that have been started or completed for the case. The set-up shown below has each block on its own tab within a tab block.

Admin Setup: Collecting Additional Immigration Information

Site admins can use the below form elements to collect additional immigration-specific information such as a client's work history, immigration entries and exits, marital history, and address history.

  • Marital History (use the Marital Status History List block)
  • Work History (use the Work History Block and Work History listview)
  • Address History (use the Address List block)
  • Immigration Entries and Exits (use the Add An Immigration Entry block and Immigration Log listview; or, alternatively, the Edit Immigration Log block). Admins will want to review both entry log blocks for possible desired configuration options.

These form elements can be added to intake and/or auxiliary forms, and information saved to the case using the these system blocks will then be pulled into the related mapped fields on immigration forms. For more information on available immigration tools, please see our Immigration Tools Playlist on YouTube.

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