Reports - Income, Expense, and Assets on Matters

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Totals Fields for a Case

The Case Data table contains several fields:

  • Total Monthly Income, Total Annual Income
  • Total Monthly Expenses, Total Annual Expenses
  • Total Liquid Asset Amount (very few sites collect Non-Liquid assets).


Case Data > Income Types > Income Types

Concatenates all the income types for a matter into one field. This allows a report to display all income types but still be one row per case.

NB: The filter option mentioned here is not currently working (Ref: 96776): If this field is used as a filter, the filter comparison type is usually set to "Is any of substring". Substring allows filtering on a type like "SSI", and will return cases where the only income is SSI, but also cases where there are other income types, for example, "Child Support, Employment, SSI".

Case Data > Income Entries (one row per entry)

Provides several fields related to each income entry. As the table name indicates, it produces one row per income entry, not per case.

Selecting "No Income" or "Income Not Provided" in the Income Type dropdown on a matter does not record an Income Type (the column is blank on reports), but sets the "Zero Income" or "Senior Income" field, respectively, to Yes.


There currently isn't a subtable to pull detailed Expense information. (Ref: 90126)


Case Data > Types of Assets

Displays a concatenated list of assets types.

Case Data > Assets (One Row per Asset)

All the detail.

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