Reports - Notes

Notes Data (One Column Per Type)

This subtable provides a list of fields, one field for each note type, such as Prescreen Notes, Intake Notes, Financial Notes, etc. The list of fields will vary for each site because administrators can create, edit, and merge/delete note types in Admin > Lookups > Note Type list. This subtable will produce one row per matter, with each note type displayed as a column.

Case Notes - One Row per Case

This subtable will produce one row per matter, concatenating all the notes on the matter into one cell in the data table. It provides two fields, Note Count and Combined Notes.

Case Notes - Multiple Rows per Case

This subtable will produce a row for each note on a matter. It provides a list of fields such as Subject, Body, Date Posted, etc. It also provides a Note Type [Lookup] subtable that contains the Note Type field.

Case/Service Notes - Multiple Rows Per Case

Allows reporting on standard case notes as well as case notes produced from timeslips.

Confidential Notes

The notes field on timeslips are often labeled "Confidential Notes". See the above table.

Formatting Note Body Columns

Report columns that contain the body of notes can often benefit from the Format options "Strip HTML" and "Preserve Newlines" (available in column properties).

Email Address(es) Note Was Sent To

Although the email address(es) a note was sent to (or more precisely, what was typed into the Recipients box) is displayed in the body section of the note when viewed on a case, the "Note emailed to" information does not display in the Body field on a report. There currently isn't a way to report on these email addresses.

Email Address Note Was Sent From

An email sent to a case (or outreach, etc.) creates a note. The Posted By user is always System User. The first line of the note is who sent the email, for example, "From: Jane Smith <>". You can filter on the note Body column with a "Contains" filter for at least an approximation of who emailed to the case, outreach, etc.

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