Reports - Pro Bono Assignments

The following tables on a report based on the top level Case Data table contain information about pro bono assignments on cases.

Note that "currently assigned" means the assignment does not have an End Date.

Case Data > Current Probono Assignment

Contains several fields related to the probono advocate(s) currently assigned to the case, including "Full Name, Last Name First (filterable)". This table will produce one row per current pro bono assignment.

Case Data > Current Probono Assignment > Assigned To > Contact > Current Organization Affiliation > Organization Information

Contains information about the organization, if any, the pro bono user is currently affiliated with, including Organization Name.

Case Data > Current Assignments > Assignment List

A concatenated list of the names of everyone (not just pro bono assignments) currently assigned to the case in one cell. The type of assignment is indicated in parentheses after each name.

Example: "Bob Staff (Primary), Jane Volunteer (Pro Bono)"

Case Data > All Pro Bono Assignments

Contains three magic fields. Pro Bono Count is the number of pro bono assignments ever made on a case (whether current or ended). Pro Bono Name is a concatenated list of all the pro bono users ever assigned to a case. Pro Bono User Detail contains a concatenated list of the pro bono names and assignment start and end dates in one cell.

Example: "Abel, Jane [07/02/2014-], Barrister, Bob [02/28/2012-06/04/2013]"

Case Data > Additional Assignments (One Row Per Assignment)

As the name implies, using fields on this table can return multiple rows per case. Add the Assignment Type subtable and filter on pro bono assignments to only get those assignments. Add the End Date field and filter it as "No Date Set" to only get current assignments.

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