SMS - Can I Stop Someone from Texting Us

There is no "block list" available in LegalServer.

Administrators have told us Twilio does not provide that option either.

You can remove the offending number from any cases. The texts will still come into the queue, but won't be linked to any cases, so people won't see them.

Find one of the offending texts on the SMS Queue page and note the case(s) it is being linked to.

(If you don't have the SMS tab enabled in the navigation bar, add "/sms/queue" to the end of your site's URL)

For each case, remove the number. Optionally add a case note explaining what was done and why.

The Inbound SMS Phone Numbers block can be helpful here.

Changing the Inbound Message Matching Logic can also be helpful, to reduce the number of cases an incoming text is linked to.

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