Spam Emails in Case Notes

How can this happen?

Every case in LegalServer has an email address. If spammers or other miscreants obtain a case email address they can send email to the case.

The emails say "your computer has been hacked" or "your account has been compromised" or similar. Is that true?

Your instance of LegalServer has not been hacked or compromised, nor have any user accounts, simply as a result of spam getting into a case note.

How did the miscreants get the case email address?

Guessing is possible, although we've never seen any pattern that indicates spammers are doing this. Most likely is that a client, staff, or other person's computer has been compromised, or they have "shared" their contact information with some service or website, and all their contact email addresses are now out in the wild.

How could a case email address get into someone else's contacts?

Most likely someone emailed the client or other person and cc'd the case email address instead of bcc'ing the case email address.

Don't you filter out spam?

All incoming emails and attachments are scanned for viruses/malware, and blocked if such are found, but not for spam. If you've ever tried to run spam filters for an organization, you will appreciate that we can't effectively determine what may or may not be spam for hundreds of organizations.

Should I delete these case notes?

That's a good idea, especially if the emails contain links that someone might, for some unknown reason, try to use one of those links.

Can I delete all of these notes with one click?

Afraid not.

Can I do anything to block these emails?

There is the Banned Words in Incoming Emails feature. Heed well the cautions on that page.

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