Re-Onboarding Service

Organizations often want to reassess how their site is configured, especially when there has been a change in site administrators, or the site just hasn't been updated in a while.

Organizations go through an extensive onboarding process when they are new to LegalServer to evaluate needs, configure a site to meet those needs, train new site administrators, etc.

We offer a similar service to existing clients as "re-onboarding". If you prefer to sit down and review your site piece-by-piece with an onboarder, this package might be a solution for you.

Contact if you are interested.

Cost: $7,000.

Re-onboarding includes:

1) 5 weekly meetings with an onboarder and your team;
2) A site audit and suggestions for configurations and changes with an eye towards efficiency and ease of use;
3) 10 hours of LegalServer build time, where we build the forms, processes, guided navigation dialogues, reports, etc. that you need;
4) A refresh from your live site to your demo site at the end of the process.
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