Refer to Outside Organization - Customizing

LegalServer comes with a static "Refer to Outside Organization" process that is sufficient for many sites.

A common reason to want to replace the static process with a shiny dynamic process and form is to allow the link to appear on closed cases in the place users expect. Otherwise, making the link available on closed cases involves use of the legacy "Closing Options" element.

In this Article:

Create an Auxiliary Form and Process

Create the auxiliary form as usual on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page.

Pro Tip: Select "Yes" for "Create New Process Containing This Form?" when creating the form.

Suggested Minimal Form Elements

The Tab Block shown above is not required. It mimics the static page that shows two tabs — one for all referral organizations and one for Etransfer Organizations.

If your site doesn't do electronic case transfers, just use the "Outside Org Referral" list view.

If you decide to go with a Tab Block, a suggested configuration:

The "Outside Org Referral - Alternate" list view is the one that displays Etransfer Organizations.

Adjust any and all of the above to taste.

Edit the Auxiliary Process

Edit the auxiliary process you created by following the Pro Tip above. If you didn't do that, manually create the auxiliary process and enable your auxiliary form.

Check that the Permissions section is as desired.

Adjust "Case Dispositions to Show" to taste. We assume you want to select "Closed" (because that's probably why you are doing this), in addition to Pending, Open, etc.

Add Link to Actions Menu

The Actions menu on cases varies from site to site. A common configuration relevant here is an "Assign / Close / Refer" custom link box element:

Add your shiny new dynamic process to that element. Or wherever in your Actions menu of wonder you want.

The static process (with "Static") added to the label is shown mostly for illustration.

Do we need to say here that you should now go to a case and test? We didn't think so.

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