Viewing Your LegalServer Calendar Events in Another Application

Users can pull their LegalServer calendar events into any other calendar program that understands the iCalendar format. Administrators can configure the data included in the calendar feed.

The feed does not include contacts, tasks, deadlines, or clinic events. Each user has a specific feed that only includes events they are attendees on.

General Information

Note: LegalServer will return calendar events scheduled within the next 365 days. Users can still schedule events that will occur more than a year in the future, and those events will be returned to an outside calendar once the events fall within the next 365 days. Example: if today is 3/5/2019 and I schedule an event in LegalServer for 3/8/2020, I will not see that event in my outside calendar today, 3/5/2019, but I will see that event in my outside calendar on 3/8/2019.

If your site administrator has opted to display it, the URL for your calendar feed is on your profile page. Float your mouse cursor over your name in the upper right corner of any page and click on "My Profile".

There may be both a webcals URL for Microsoft Outlook, and a webcal (without the "s") URL for other calendar programs like Google Calendar.

Copy and paste the URL into your calendar software. The instructions for subscribing to your calendar feed are specific to the program you use.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2007 and later can pull events from LegalServer.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar can pull events from LegalServer using the Other Calendars, Add by URL feature.

It "may take up to 12 hours for changes to show" in Google Calendar (

Other Calendar Software

Other calendar software may refer to subscribing to a remote calendar using different terms.

Entire Office's Events

LegalServer can enable an additional feed of calendar events for an office on user profiles. The feed includes events tagged to each user's office, as set in their profile. Site administrators can file a ticket (Help menu > Support Request) requesting this option. There is no cost.


If your calendar events aren't showing up in your other application, you can confirm what LegalServer is making available to other applications.

  • On your user profile page, find your webcal or webcals link.

  • Select and copy everything after "webcal://" or "webcals://".

  • Paste that text into a new browser tab or window.

That will download a "legalserver.ics" file. That is a text file with all the events LS is making available to your other calendar software. It's a data file designed for computers to read, but is fairly human-readable.

Pro tip: Times are shown with a "Z", which is "Zulu time", more commonly known as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT or UTC.