Litigation Information

LegalServer allows one or more litigation records to be recorded for a case. You can collect information such as caption, docket number, and judge for each record, whether the client is a plaintiff or defendant, and so on. You can also customize the questions that are asked. Find more information on our Customizing Litigation Information page.

LSC-funded organizations can use litigation records to maintain the information required for section 1644 reporting.

Site administrators can customize the data entry form for litigation records. The specific fields, and which fields are required fields, may be different than the example shown here.

Litigation information on a case is typically accessed by an Actions menu link called "Litigation Information" (site administrators can change the text). That page usually displays a list of any existing litigation records on the case, and the fields needed to edit existing records or add new ones.

The form lists all contacts associated with the case. You can select the litigant type for each contact. For each contact that is something other than "Not a Party", you can select the contact's address, whether the contact is Protected, and if the contact is protected, the Protected Reason. If a contact is marked as protected, that contact's name and address will not appear on a report that includes litigation information.

Editing an existing litigation record will also usually provide a "Delete" link if you need to delete an existing record.

If added to the litigation form, the "Outcome" field lookup list is "Outcome of Court Proceeding". Search for the term 'court' on the Admin > Lookups page.