Related Cases

This feature allows a case to be related to any other case(s) with a site-defined relationship type.

Similar, but different features are: Associating multiple cases with the same client profile, and marking a case as a lead case and other cases as member cases.

Using the Related Cases Feature

The Actions menu link on a case displays a form with any cases already related displayed, along with an option to Show Search Fields to search for other cases to tag as related.

Clicking Yes to display the search fields:

Check the desired cases and select a Relationship Type at the bottom of the page (not shown):

Returning to the Actions menu, Related Cases link:

Each related case has an edit pencil to change the Relationship Type, and a delete icon to remove it as a related case.

Administrative Setup

Site administrators maintain the list of Relationship Types via the Admin > Lookups > Matter Relationship Type list.

The "Related Cases" link appears automatically on sites using the Link Boxes element to display the Actions menu (or side bar links in the legacy interface). Sites using Custom Link Box elements will need to manually add it.

Known Issues

* Don't use the "Related Cases Only" list view. Use the "Related Cases/Matters" list view if you want to display any related cases on a form or profile page.