Automated Workflows

Purpose: Trigger actions when a specific set of conditions are met.

Status: Available

Cost: $4,200 one time cost and then $100/month

Example Workflows

Workflow Functionality for Types of Users

Workflow Builders


Case Manager

See a log of all pending, dismissed (and the reason they were dismissed), and completed workflows on all cases I supervise in a report. 

Any User

Site Administrator

The option to set a reminder to be emailed, texted, appear on a user’s home page, or appear on a case profile when a workflow is a certain number of days overdue. 

Viewing Workflows 

There is a Current Workflows listview available on the Home Page, or Case Profiles. In addition, there are a few static pages that might be useful. Similar to the Current Assignments list view.

Includes a "Current Step Result" column that is a link into the workflow for that case.

Static Pages

Displays all workflows on a case, with a default filter of "Status = In Progress". Shows the date and time the workflow started, the number of completed and total steps, the current status, the date and time of the last update and who updated it.

My = Primary Assignment?

Displays the date and time each workflow was started, the workflow name, the case/matter it is linked to, and the number of steps completed and total steps.

Admin View of All Workflows on a Site


From the Admin Menu, you can find a page on Workflows. This allows admins to create, modify, and oversee any workflows that are in the system. This is behind a User Role Permission for "Workflow Admin"

Displays each workflow name, whether it is active, an icon to edit active status, and an icon to edit the workflow.

Clicking a workflow name displays the workflow profile, with an Actions menu > Edit this Workflow link.

Building Workflows

In creating a new workflow, you have to determine the module that it will examine for new items.

Available modules are:

Workflow Triggers

Different modules will present different triggers. The Trigger is what is checked to see if the workflow should run. 

Current options:

Trigger timing. Triggers are checked hourly in the background. If the trigger has passed, but the workflow has not yet run, the workflow will run on the next pass of the checks. 

Triggers can also utilize a logical Expression to further limit the triggers on the case. The fields present in this filter will match the module that is being applied. 

Workflow Steps

Workflow steps can be limited based on what the workflow module and trigger are. You can add multiple steps that will be run consecutively. 

Current options.

Potential future workflow steps include:


A top level Workflows table is available.