Field Transfers - Sending Fields to Another Site

This feature only applies to sites with the Electronic Case Transfer module enabled.

It allows a site to create custom fields, tag them for etransfer, then send those fields to another site that you can already send etransfers to. The transfer creates the magic link so that information in those fields will be included in future etransfers, including online intake etransfers.

Tagging Site Specific Fields

After a site specific field is created, edit it and set the "Allow Transfer (if applicable)" option to Yes, before sending the field to the other site. Setting the "Allow" field to Yes after a field is transferred will generally work, but is not guaranteed.

Sending Fields to Another Site

Go to the Admin > Field Transfers page. Select the Actions menu, then Transfer Fields. Select the organization to send the fields to, then use the checkboxes to select the fields to send, then click Continue.

If the desired destination organization isn't available to transfer to, make sure the organization record exists and is tagged as a Referral Organization. If it still does not show up, file a ticket from your site asking LegalServer staff to set the magic etransfer URL. Include a link to the organization record you created.

The site you sent the fields to will need to go to the Admin > Field Transfers page (on that site), and accept the transfer. That will create those fields in the receiving site's database, and they can then be added to forms as desired.

Some Common Questions

If I have a site specific lookup field that uses a site specific lookup list, will both transfer?


If the site I am sending to already has a field named "Foo", what will happen if I send them a field named "Foo"?

They will end up with two fields named "Foo". More precisely, they will have two fields with the Short Name of "Foo". The underlying field names will be different. Like foo_3 and foo_7.

Can I transfer fields from a demo site to a live site, or vice versa?