Notes - Allowing Notes to be Deleted, Transferred, or Copied


Administrators can allow users to delete various notes (from cases, outreaches, etc.) by checking the user role permission "Delete Notes" for the desired roles in Admin > User Roles (Permissions).

With this permission, many notes will display a Delete link. Notes created by the system, for example re-open case notes, cannot be deleted.

Clicking the link displays a confirmation form with a required Reason for Deleting text box.

Transferring to Another Case

For case notes, the form allows you to transfer it to another case (and provide an optional reason for transferring). Transferred notes are deleted from the original case. The "Transfer to" field only searches open cases. To transfer a note to a closed case, view the case you want to transfer the note to before clicking Delete/Transfer. That will put the case in the Recent Clients list in the side bar on the delete/transfer page, and you can click on it to fill in the "Transfer to" field.

Adding a Case Note to Multiple Cases

An optional Case Note Copy feature allows entering a case note on one case and copying it to other cases. Once this feature is enabled, case notes can be copied to multiple additional cases when adding a note to a case (enable the "Show copy to case" configuration option in "Add Case Note" block).

NB: If your Add Case Note form is configured to allow entering time, the timeslip created is not copied.

NB: An uploaded document is copied if your site uses standard LegalServer file storage, but will otherwise display a message: "Documents won't be copied if stored in S3, Sharepoint, or Dropbox".

To get this feature file a ticket (Help menu > Support Request) asking that Case Note Copy be enabled on your site.

Admin Log of Deleted and Transferred Notes

A "View Deleted Notes Log" permission controls access to the Admin > Deleted Notes link. Sites may want to allow some roles to delete notes, but only allow administrators or similar roles to see the deleted notes.

Things to Know

  • Deleted notes are currently returned in search results using the Search > Notes feature. This will be changed in the future.
  • Case notes created via a timeslip can be deleted and will no no longer appear in the Case Notes list on the case. However, the note still appears on the timeslip itself. This behavior may change in the future.
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