Delete Cases

LegalServer administrators cannot delete cases. The most common method to remove cases is to reject them, optionally using a custom Rejection Reason lookup value. For example, if a case was created in error, you might create a Rejection Reason called "Case created in error."

LegalServer Support can delete cases by request. Deleting cases also deletes any documents linked to the cases. We can also delete timeslips and/or service/phase records linked to the cases if desired.

The typical cost for this is $1,200, but it depends on the size of your site's database and how many cases you want to delete.

Deleting anything, especially entire cases and the documents and people linked to those cases, should never be done lightly, so we have a Process.


  1. Create a report that contains the case numbers of the cases you want to delete. The report can contain other columns if desired, but must contain the case numbers. The default filters on the report must produce the list of cases.
  2. File a Support Request from your site (Help menu > Support Request) and include a link to the above report.
  3. LegalServer will provide a quote of the cost for deleting those records.
  4. If you approve the quote, we will send an Order form. Upon approval we will issue an invoice.
  5. Upon payment, LegalServer will refresh your demo site from your live site. 
  6. LegalServer will verify that we have a current database snapshot of the live site. 
  7. LegalServer will delete the cases returned by the provided report on the demo site and notify you. You are responsible for reviewing to make sure that the correct data was removed. 
  8. Notify LegalServer that are you are ready to have the cases deleted from the live site.
  9. LegalServer will delete the cases and notify you. You are responsible for reviewing to make sure that the correct data was removed.

You may want your report to show client name, date of birth, etc. and export it to Excel or CSV for historical purposes.

Deleting a case will delete that Client, Adverse Party, Family Members, and any other case specific individuals from any available Person or Conflict searches run in the future.

Deleting a case also deletes any documents linked to the case.

Deleted cases can only be recovered at significant expense (likely $5,000 or more), and cannot be recovered 30 days after the deletion. This typically means restoring all the deleted cases, not 1 or 2. See above about exporting your report to "recover that one case we shouldn't have had deleted". 

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