Electronic Verification of Time by Users and Supervisors (EVT)

Purpose: EVT provides electronic confirmation of time by users and electronic verification of time by supervisors or administrative staff per pay period.

Cost: $4,100.00. To get this module, file a ticket from your site (Help menu > Support Request) requesting it. LegalServer staff will send you a change order to confirm. See Notes below for prerequisites.

This page describes the user and verifier experience. Site administrators see the Admin Setup page

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User Experience

Verifier Experience

User Experience

You enter your time as you normally do. At the end of a pay period you will be prompted to confirm your time by checking a box. That's it. Unless you are a supervisor or administrative staff that will verify time, that's all you will need to do.

Confirming Your Time

"Confirm" links will appear in the sidebar on the main Timekeeping page. Your site administrators may also put links on the home page:

In the example shown above, you see a prompt to confirm your time for the previous pay period, and that you have 37.50 hours remaining to enter on the current pay period.

Your site administrators may also provide an Actions menu link on main Timekeeping page to confirm your time.

Clicking a Confirm link will show you a page similar to the one below (the details can vary):

Checking the confirmation box and clicking "Confirm Time" logs who confirmed the time, along with the date and time it was confirmed:

Your Confirmed Time is Locked

Once you have confirmed your time for a pay period, you cannot edit any timeslips in that period or add time with a Date of Service in that period.

If you need to make changes, you may be able to unconfirm your time unless it has already been verified.

View the confirmation page for the pay period you want to unconfirm, then look for an "Unconfirm" link in the Actions menu.

But if your time for that pay period has been verified, someone with the appropriate permissions will need to unverify and then unconfirm the pay period for you.

Verifier Experience

Verifying Users' Time

A user whose role has permission to verify time sees Confirm and Hours Remaining prompts, and need to confirm their time like other users.

You also see Verify Time links in the sidebar.

Clicking a Verify link takes you to a verification screen:

Here the you see a list of users, each with a checkbox. A warning icon mouseover is shown, indicating that user has entered the minimum required hours for each day but has not confirmed their time. The far right column allows you to see the Time and Attendance sheet for each user for that pay period.

Requisite Hrs is the number of Hours Per Day times the user's FTE Percentage times the number of work days (M-F) in the pay period. 

Not shown above is a separate list at the bottom of that page showing any users whose time has been verified by someone. Verifiers may, for example, only verify time for users they supervise.

You check the box for one or more users, then click the Verify button (not shown above).

If, as in the example above, any selected users have not confirmed their time, you are warned on the next screen, but can still verify the time:

The Verify Time page will continue to show a pay period as "[Not Verified]" until all users' time is verified. After all users time is verified it displays a "Fully Verified by" note:

If multiple people are verifying time, the Fully Verified note shows the last user to verify time for that pay period.

The "Verified By" column shows the user who verified a specific user. The Time and Attendance record for each user also shows the specific person who verified that user's time.

A user whose time has been verified shows up in the Verified Time list.

An "Unverify" time link is displayed for each user. This allows unlocking the pay period for a user so they can add or edit time during the pay period. The pay period will need to be verified again once any adjustments are done.

Verified Pay Periods are Locked

Once a user's time has been verified, they can't enter new time with a Date of Service during that period, and can't edit existing timeslips in that period.

A user attempting to add time to a verified pay period sees this:

Users will also see a message that they can't edit a timeslip if it is within a verified pay period.

The above assumes the standard setup of this feature. A site can setup timeslips to not be locked on verification, but this obviates the primary purpose of this module, an accurate record of confirmed and verified time, so it is strongly advised to not do that.

Unverifying a User's Time to Allow Changes

Verifiers can use the "Unverify Time" link for a user on the Verify Time page to unlock the pay period for that user.

Once changes are made, the user will see a link to confirm their time for that pay period again. A verifier will need to verify it again.


  • Sites must be using dynamic timeslips, dynamic user records, and dynamic timekeeping and user section fronts to use EVT. Look for an Admin menu in the Search bar to determine if all these are dynamic (most sites less than 10 years old will have the needed dynamism).
  • If your site currently uses the the Time and Attendance Record feature, that is replaced by the confirmation page shown in this article.
  • If your site uses, or previously used, Advanced Grants Management, changing to just EVT requires additional work. File a support request from your site and we will contact you.
  • EVT is only compatible with the following types of pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly (1st - 15th, 16th - end of month), and monthly.
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