Electronic Verification of Time - Admin Setup

This page outlines the administrative setup needed to use the Electronic Verification of Time module.

For help on using the module after it has been configured, see Electronic Verification of Time by Users and Supervisors.

Information Required by LegalServer to Enable the Module

  • How do you define your pay periods (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or twice monthly (1st-15th, 16th - end of month))
  • What is the start date of the first pay period (this is a specific date like 2020-04-01)
  • What is the first day of your pay week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)

EVT is typically enabled and setup on your demo site first, so you can test, play, and train. This is relevant for the first pay period you pick above. 

Process Settings

Required: On the Admin > Process Settings page, "Edit Funding Code Process" must be set to "Please Select". Alternatively, if a dynamic form is in use, replaced the existing element (typically the "Funding Code(s)" field), with the "Primary Funding Code" block.

Required: On the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page  you must set several fields in the Pay Periods section:

  • The required minimum daily hours for exempt and non-exempt staff (for example 7.0 or 7.5)
  • The Multiplier for OT Hourly Wages (for example 1.5)
  • The OT Calculation (typically Case Activity).

Other fields in the Pay Period section are only relevant to Advanced Grants Management and can be left as is.

Optionally change the Timekeeping Certification Message.

Required:  All Time Activity Types should be assigned a Timekeeping category. "Undefined Time" if it exists, does not need one.

Required: Timekeeping Categories must have subcategories assigned. This must be done by LegalServer staff.  

Timekeeping Actions Menu Links

You can optionally add some Actions menu links to a dynamic Timekeeping section front.

A typical setup is a separate Timekeeping Links element, labeled "EVT", that contains links to the static "Confirm" and "Verify" processes.

You can also add a link to the static "Summary" page. NB: User role(s) need the "Distribute Timeslips" permission to see the link and the page. 

Timeslip Forms

Required: Replace the Date of Service field or block with the Date of Service Lock Date block, and check the option to "Lock on Pay Period ...".

Required: Replace the Funding Code block with the Contract Term Allocations block on each timeslip form.

Optional but recommended: Add the "Pay Period Confirmation/Verification/Distribution/Post Lock" block to each timeslip form.

Optionally add branch logic to display Question Time stuff.

User Forms

Several fields must be added to user form(s),  and the information updated. The 3 required fields are often placed on an auxiliary form and "hidden" behind an auxiliary process that has permissions removed for most user roles. Where to display these fields and who can edit them is up to each site.

Required: Exclude User from Pay Period Process field.

Required: Overtime Exempt field.

Required: Put the FTE list view and FTE Percentage (Logged) block on an auxiliary form. NB: Do not rely on the FTE Percentage field element. FTE Start and End Dates must fall on pay period start and end dates.

Optional: Supervising User information. The time Verification list can be filtered on this field. Useful if you have a lot of users and different people will be verifying different "groups" of users.

User Role Permissions

The user roles for staff entering time do not need any additional permission if they can already add time.

Required: The user roles for staff verifying time need the Verify Timeslips permission.

Optional, but not recommended permissions: Allow Editing Confirmed Timeslips and Allow Editing Verified Timeslips.

Home Page Time Alerts

Optional: Homepage Alerts block with "Show Time Alerts" checked, or the Pay Pay Period Alert Links block.

Questioning Time (Verifiers)

Time verifiers can optionally question time from verification screens. Or use less "automated" means like a phone call, email, shouting across the hall, etc.

Questioning a timeslip unconfirms the pay period for that user. The user will need to confirm the pay period again, presumably after correcting the time or satisfactorily answering the question.

Timeslip forms can include a branch logic block toggling on the system "Questioned Time?" field. A typical setup is to place the block at the top of the form, hidden. Create a branch logic form in the Timekeeping module that contains the "Question" block.


  • New employee can't confirm their time? If they started in the middle of a pay period, you need to adjust their FTE Percentage accordingly so they meet their requisite hours for that pay period.
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