Time and Attendance Record

Purpose: Produces a printable 'timesheet' with signature lines. Time for the selected range of dates is totaled by date in columns and rows grouped by Case, Outreach, and Non-client time, and by activity type and funding code within each group.

Cost: $450 one-time setup fee. Modifications to grouping are billed at standard rates. To request this module, file a ticket from your site (Help menu > Support Request).

Similar Module: Electronic Verification of Time by Users and Supervisors - provides fully electronic verification, versus this module that prints a paper timesheet.

Setup: Sites using a dynamic Timekeeping section front will need to enable the "Time and Attendance Record" link in the Actions menu.

The page displayed by that link allows the user to select a range of dates and display them on the page, and includes a "Printable Version" link to print the 'timesheet' portion of the page.

Site administrators can change the default "I hereby certify" text on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page.

The user selector on this page only displays users who are set to Login Active = Yes.

Example screenshot without the date selectors and "Printable Version" link that appears at the top of the page. On a real page, the selected user's name and today's date appears above "Time and Attendance Record". 

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