XML Data Transfer Block

This block sends much of the data on a case to an external server. The external server will need to receive and process the data.

It is designed to be placed on an auxiliary case/matter form, where it displays a "Send XML Data to Name" Yes/No option. "Name" is configured in the block.

The data that is sent can change over time. See the XML Data Download Block page for information on the data sent.

Documents sent are encoded in MIME base64 format. To re-encode the documents as they appeared originally, the receiving site will want to decode from base64 using something similar to PHP's built-ind base64_decode() function.

There is an Admin > XML Data Transfer Settings page for adjusting timeouts and retries, as well as an Admin > XML Data Transfers page that logs all transfers.

There is an"XML Data Transfer Status" field you can use on cases to display the transfer status.

Configuration Options:

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