Lead and Member Cases

LegalServer allows a case to be designated as a "Lead" case, and other cases to be designated as "Member" to a Lead case.

Lead and Member cases typically involve different clients. (Compare the Associated Cases feature which links different cases to the same client.)

This feature can be used for any group of cases. Examples include:

  • Cases involving the same defendant (multiple tenants and the same landlord) with one case designated the "lead" case.

  • Immigration cases involving derivatives.

  • Juvenile dependency/abuse cases where siblings have separate cases.

To mark a case as a lead case, click on the Expand button next to the Lead/Member Case Status text. This can usually be found directly underneath the name of the client on the case profile. This will expand the block to display if the case is currently a Lead case.

To edit the status of the case, click on the Edit Lead Status button. A window will open up where you can edit the Lead status of the case.

If the case is set as a Lead case, this section will display a list of Member cases. There will also be a link to View a Summary of Member Cases. That link displays a page with combined notes, timekeeping records, events, and tasks, of the Lead and Member cases.

To mark a case as a Member, click on the Associate With Lead Case link instead of the Edit Lead Status button. This will take you to a screen where you can search for Lead cases. Clicking on the Set as Lead link in the search results will set a case as the Lead case of the current case.

This feature is controlled via the the Lead/Member Cases (Compact) block that is typically placed on the Case Profile.

If your organization prefers different terminology than "Lead/Member", then go to Admin -> Site Settings to change the labels:


  • This feature was previously known as "Master and Subordinate Cases".

  • Placing either a lead or member case in a restricted program will not impact the users ability to see notes from that lead/member case on the corresponding client profile.

  • Reporting: The top level Case Data table contains a "Member Case?" boolean field. Filter on that field for "Yes" to get only member cases. The Case Data > Lead Case of This Case subtable contains information about the lead case. An example report can be downloaded from the Example Reports page.