Advanced Grants Management


Advanced Grants Management (AGM) is a an add-on module and a sophisticated set of tools (forms and processes) that allow a client to track grants and to allocate user time (and pay) to those grants. By using these tools, clients can determine how grant money should be used and track how grant money is actually being used. AGM comprises three (3) main areas of functionality: Grants, Users, and Payroll.

Cost: $12,500.00


  • Sites must be using dynamic timeslips, dynamic user records, and dynamic timekeeping and user section fronts to use AGM. Look for an Admin menu in the Search bar to determine if all these are dynamic (most sites less than 10 years old will have the needed dynamism.

  • If your site currently uses the Time and Attendance Record feature, that is replaced by the confirmation page provided by AGM.

  • AGM is only compatible with the following types of pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly (1st - 15th, 16th - end of month), and monthly.

Video: Introduction to Advanced Grants Management

For basic Grants Management, see Grants Management. Advanced Grants Management is an optional module that expands this functionality.

Specific features of each must be activated, while some other features are optional.

AGM Basic Concepts

AGM Basic Navigation and Profiles

AGM Contract Terms

AGM Expense Tool

AGM Grant Controls

AGM Payroll Processing

AGM Timekeeping

AGM Users