Case Status Change Page - Customizing

You can change the Case Status on a case by clicking the current value in the side bar:

Site administrators can change the behavior from what the static process and form offer by creating a dynamic process and form.

Auxiliary Form and Process

Create an auxiliary form. Select Yes for "Create New Process Containing This Form?", make it Active and include a Continue Button. We named ours "Case Status Change".

Add at least the Case Status History (For Editing) list view and Case Status block to the form. Both the list view and the block have several configuration options.

Set the Snapshot Link to Your Dynamic Process

Edit the Snapshot New element, Snapshot Top block, or Flowblock block, whichever your case profile uses.

For Snapshot New, the location varies, but most sites have it in the Main Profile Boxes of the Menu Boxes tab on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page.

Snapshot Top and Flowblock will be directly on the case profile.

Select your shiny new process:


Go to any case, click the Case Status value in the side bar or top element. Bask in your excellent work:

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