Add Case Note - Customizing

Older LegalServer sites may still be using the static (built-in) Add Case Note process and form. This page explains how to create a dynamic process and form to gain access to the configuration options of the Add Case Note block.

If your site already uses a dynamic form, you can skip this page and see the Add Case Note block page for configuration options. To determine if your site is using a dynamic process, click Add Case Note on any case and look for "dynamic" in the URL.

Create an Auxiliary Form

Go to the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page. Leave the Module selector at the default "Case/Matter". Click the "New Auxiliary Form" link in the Actions menu.

In the Name and Description section, name the form "Add Case Note", set it Active, choose to add a Continue button, and leave Process Types at the default "Auxiliary". All other fields in this section are optional.

In the Form Elements section, change the element selector from "Header" to "Block". Find "Add Case Note" in the list, then click the "Add" button.

Configure the block as desired.

Skip the Side/Action Elements section, and click the Continue button to save the form.

Create an Auxiliary Process

After saving the new form, click the "New Auxiliary Process" link in the Actions menu on the admin page.

Attributes not mentioned here can be left blank:

Name: Add Case Note 

Active: Yes 

Link Category: Action 

Case Dispositions to Show: The default is all; change as desired.

Find the "Add Case Note" form you created in the Disabled Forms section and drag it into the Enabled Forms section.

Leave the Followup Profile at the default "Main Profile" and click Continue.

Disable the Static Add Case Note Process

On the Admin / Process Settings page, find the "Show Static Case Note Link On Case Profiles" setting and change it to No. Scroll down and click Continue to save.


Go to a case and click the Add Case Note link. If you see "dynamic" in the URL, like "", your new process and form is working.

If you don't see the Add Case Note link, your main profile is probably using custom links for the Action menu. See the next section.

Add Process to Custom Link Box Elements (if needed)

In the instructions above, the Link Category for the process was set to Action. This will place the link in the Action menu if your site is using the legacy Link Box element to produce the Actions menu (rightside links in the classic interface). If your site is using a Custom Link Box element, you need to edit that element and add the new dynamic process you created.

See Help: Profiles - Side, Action, and View Elements for information on editing.

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